Boys in Baltimore City face a reality that just over half of male students will graduate from high school. In hopes of a brighter future, many families search for a better educational opportunity for their sons and discover Saint Ignatius Loyola Academy.  



Open Houses For Parents & Guardians

Baltimore City families may not have many choices when it comes to their children's education.  In search of the best educational opportunity for their son, parents attend the Academy's open houses in the fall to learn about our academic program and our graduates successful path to high school graduation and college.


The Application Process

In addition to completing an application, prospective parents and students are interviewed, supporting materials are reviewed, and eligible students are invited to attend JumpStart, a 6-week program of Saturday morning classes beginning each March. Upon completion of JumpStart, admission to the Academy is offered to 30 incoming 5th grade students.

Day 1 at St. Ignatius

After four weeks of classes in July, the academic term begins at the end of August.  Although our new students will inevitably feel a bit of trepidation, the Academy's warm and welcoming environment soon makes everyone feel at home.

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7:25 Breakfast
Our students' day begins with breakfast with their Advisory. They enjoy breakfast along with lunch and snack provided by Revolution Foods whose healthy, homemade meals are low in sugar and additives and high in great taste.

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8:30 - 3:30 Classes
Academy students move throughout our building during the day, attending a variety of challenging, interactive classes. Visit Our Program for more detailed information about the curriculum.

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8:00 - 8:30  Advisory
Upon entering the Academy, students are placed into an Advisory comprised of 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade students which will be their special community for four years. During Advisory, students work on organizational skills and team building. 



3:30 - 5:00  Mon/Wed Study Hall
Students who need a little help work with college-aged tutors in Homework Club or individual tutors and teachers to help that student gain a firmer academic footing.  If you'd like to work one-on-one as a student tutor, learn more about it at Volunteer.


3:30 - 5:00   Tues/Thurs  Sports
All students engage in sports for at least two seasons a year. 5th and 6th graders learn new skills in intramurals, while 7th and 8th graders chose interscholastic or intramural teams.  Academy teams compete in soccer, cross country, wrestling, basketball, baseball and lacrosse. 

2:30 - 3:30  Fri   Clubs
There are a wide variety of clubs available to our students. From robotics to geo caching, yearbook, and Spanish club to name just a few, students have the chance to develop new skills and interests. The Young Explorers Club meets on Saturdays to visit, learn and hike in area Parks.