Volunteers are valued partners at the Academy.  Whether helping students with academic tutoring, coaching a sports team, or assisting with an after-school club, our volunteers significantly contribute to our students' success.

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There are opportunities to tutor both during the school day at lunchtime or after school on Monday and Wednesday. If you would like to work one-to-one with one of our students, please contact Susan Booth at 410-685-2145.


Club and Activities

On Friday afternoons, Academy students participate in clubs.  To learn more about volunteering with a club like yearbook, choir or newspaper, please contact Susan Booth at 410-685-2145.


Academy students play both interscholastic and intramural sports two afternoons a week. The Academy fields teams in soccer, cross country, basketball, wrestling, lacrosse and baseball.  If you are interested in coaching at the Academy, please contact our Athletic Director Malena Fiore.